Legal bases of raffle draw 25 menus

1. The following bases and conditions correspond to the draw “25 El Campello menus” carried out by the company CHOFFERS.COM that will be valid from 07/05/21 to 21/05/21
2. The draw “25 menus El Campello” will be held from the Instagram bikers.choffers of CHOFFERS.COM
3. The contest is valid for the entire town of El Campello. If someone from outside the municipality is the winner, the home service will not be applied and must, therefore, go to collect the prize.
4. Only the profiles of individuals of legal age are valid.
5. 25 menus and their transport to the home (depending on availability of bikers) within the municipality will be raffled:
– 5 menus from Tapería the two streets.
– 5 Burgermix menus.
– 5 Vegan Empire menus: pizza or hamburger
– 5 menus from Restaurant Casino El Campello.
– 5 Doner kebab friends menus: menu to choose from the menu in normal size, not including 22, 24 and 25.
6. The prize cannot be exchanged, sold, or exchanged for money.
7. The winners or winners will be chosen with the Sorteiogram tool.
8. The winners or winners will be notified privately, once contacted we will make their names public in our networks. To redeem the prize, the winners must contact us and tell us their ID (which they will have previously given us privately).
9. The winners will have 3 months to redeem the prize from the day we notify them, otherwise it will lose validity.
10. All information about the winners will be communicated by our OFFICIAL networks, the company recommends that they reject any private message that is not sent by our profile: @ bikers.choffers.