What do you need done?

Food delivery? Delivery from the supermarket? Transfers from/to the airport, stations etc? Hourly rate hire with a chauffeur? Excursions?
Whatever logistic or transfer service you need, choose any of the option below and book a professional biker or chauffeur to have it done.

With this option, you can search in our collaborators directory; professional bikers and chauffeurs for your delivery and transfer services. You can search collaborators by location, type of vehicle (bike, motorbike, car, minivan, minibus and bus), etc.

From the collaborator list, you can see a summary of the services they offer, prices, reviews, availability etc.

Select the collaborator you like, the service you need and book instantly. Voilá!

Alternatively, if you don´t want to search through our directory, just post your gig (whatever logistic or transfer service you need done) on our platform and start receiving free unlimited quotes from our network of collaborators (bikers and chauffeurs) with different types of vehicles: bicycle, motorbike, car, minivan, minibus or bus.

Choose an offer you like and confirm your booking. That’s it! Your booked collaborator will be there on the scheduled time to do the gig.


Delivery and ride services in a click

Bikers & Choffers is a collaborative platform where you can find and hire bikers and chauffeurs. The platform connects users in need of logistics and transportation services such as: delivery, transfers, excursion etc, to bikers and chauffeurs offering these services.
The goal of the platform is to offer users a complete logistic and transport solution and also to make it easy and affordable for users to find and hire bikers and chauffeur. Now from one place and in just a few clicks, users can find and hire professional bikers and chauffeurs with all kinds of vehicles (bikes, motorbikes, cars, minivans, minibuses and buses) for their logistics and transportation related needs.



Our platform offers a global collaborative directory

What makes us unique in the sector is the fact that we are the first and only platform offering a global collaborative directory of professional bikers and chauffeurs. You can search for collaborators by location, service type (delivery, airport transfer etc) and vehicle type (bike, motorbike, car, van, minibus and bus). On the collaborator profile pages, you can see the services they offer and prices, experiences, reviews etc. And from their profile pages, you can check their availabilities and book their services directly or request a quote.

Publish what you need done and get offers

Another important feature offered by our platform is the fact that you can publish what you need done (also called Gig); such as food or grocery delivery, airport transfers, excursions, etc. And in a couple of minutes after publishing your gig on our platform, you will start receiving free amd unlimited offers from our collaborators. You just have to choose the offer you want, pay and that’s it! The collaborator will be there to do the gig at the scheduled time.

Marketplace of local businesses

To offer our customers value added services, we have partnered with local businesses (e.g. restaurants, supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, touristic apartments, hotels etc) and we have created an online marketplace called: EASYBNO. From our marketplace, you can buy online from restaurants, supermarkets etc and we shall deliver it to you. Or you can find and book great places to stay or visit and we shall drive you there. This service is completely free and besides that you get exclusive discounts when buying or booking from our marketplace.


Collaborate with us

Signup now for FREE! Create your biker or chauffeur profile and start receiving bookings for your services from thousands of users to our website. In addition, you can apply for the gigs posted by users. All you have to do is apply for the gigs you want to do and indicate your offer. Once your offer is accepted by the client, you’re good to go! Work and earn for yourself!

Very important: To work with us, you must be a registered business or sole proprietor. In the case of a chauffeur, you need to have a valid VTC o taxi license. Contact us for more details.