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Welcome to your affiliate user account and thank you for joining our affiliate program.

CHOFFER Finder is a newly launched brand of the parent company CHOFFERS.COM. As a startup and growing company, it’s never been important than now to join us onboard and let’s grow together. And as you may know, our affiliate program offers one of the highest commission rates in the industry: up-to 50% commissions.

Here’s how it works
Through your affiliate link, you send traffic to our website, and we reward you for each booking made by the customer via your affiliate link.

Your affiliate link contains some parameters or information which will identify you. When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, that information will be used to store a cookie on the customer’s computer for 30 days which will allow us track the bookings they make.

When a customer makes a booking via your link, we will track that transaction through your dashboard with a status of “In Process”. Once that gig is marked as completed by the provider, then you will get your commission and the status will change to “Approved”.

The affiliates commission is based on the service type and vehicle type. See the Commission table section. Your commission will be paid out monthly by bank transfer.

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